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UV curing lamp for linseed paint

Dries your linseed oil paint up to 10 times faster

Linseed paint is amazing. But if you need it to dry more quickly, because of the weather, shortage of time or you’re a professional painter who needs to keep moving, our UV curing lamp will dramatically speed up your linseed oil paint drying time.

Linseed oil paint usually needs about 24 hours to dry between coats. It dries with exposure to natural UV light, which can take longer when painting indoors or in winter. The good news is that this 400-watt hand lamp exposes your linseed-painted windows, doors and furniture to extra UV light, accelerating your drying time. Lab tests show that exposing freshly applied linseed paint to just 5 minutes of supplementary UV light enables you to add another coat after just 2-3 hours.

Curing lamp features

  • 400 watts
  • Compact, lightweight & durable
  • Fan-cooled
  • 135 volts to the UV hand lamp for safety
  • Easy access for UV bulb for replacement & cleaning
  • Elapsed-hour counter for service-scheduling
  • Safety-wire mesh over filter glass
  • Mounting bracket.

Power supply options

  • 230V 50/60Hz (for use in your own property)
  • 115V 50/60Hz (for use by contractors)
  • Linseed paint UV curing lamp with safety goggles


    Linseed paint UV curing lamp with safety goggles


    Linseed paint dries by exposure to UV-light and oxygen. In most places on earth oxygen is abundant. Sunlight, however, isn't - especially in interiors.

    This UV lamp was developed specifically to help accelerate the drying of linseed oil (paint). Depending on the surface area, distance to the surface and thickness of the paint, drying times already improve dramatically after about 1 hour of exposure. Have ago at different distances and exposure times. Don't leave the lamp on so long that the paint dries completely as that already starts the aging process. It is aimed at accelerating drying times, not drying the paint completely.

    Our blog entry explores drying times of linseed paint a bit more

    This set is supplied with a pair of safety goggles.

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  • Mounting bracket and clamp


    Mounting bracket and clamp




    Mounting bracket and clamp


    This clamp helps securing the UV lamp to many different surfaces.

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